Aims & Objectives

  • To train fresh high school graduates for career in sea-faring as general purpose rating.
  • (GP-III) for employement in Merchant Marine Ships.
  • To Conduct up-gradation and conversion course for serving ratings to enhance their knowlegede for promotion and change of trade.
  • To Conduct Safety Cousrses, mandatory under the international Maritime Organization's (IMO's) Convention on "Standard of Training, Certification and Watch-Keeping" (STCW-1978 AS amended by the 1995 Convention/Code) for both officers and rating of Merchant Navy.
  • To Conduct other short courses as anad when required by the National Administration or Shipping Industry, to enhance the professional knowledge of both Officers and Ratings of the Merchant Navy.


The institude places the highest importance on discipline, morals and espirit-de-corps Discipline, an essential ingredient of all organized activities, is the hallmark of a good seafarer Hence, great importance is attached to this aspect and a high standard of discipline is maintained. Further, in order to inculcate discipline, comradeship, devotion to duty and love for profeesion, trainees are required to abide by certain rules, therefore selected candidate will be sent a copy of code of conduct, for strict compliance during the course. Non compliance to any article of this code may result in expulsion of the defaulter from the course.
the principal reserves the right of taking any measure including withdrawal from the institude or award of such punishment as deemed necessary in the interest off maintaining and enforcing discipline..

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